Mini Wooden Dough Bowl Laser Blank

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Enhance your home decor with our beautifully crafted Mini Wooden Dough Bowl, available in both classic brown and elegant white. Perfect for both functional and decorative use, this bowl can be laser engraved with a personal touch to make it truly unique. Bring warmth and character to your customer's space with this charming piece.

Size: approximately 9x6" there will be slight variances in size

XTool F1 Settings Used:

Brown Dough Bowls:

  • Engrave - Blue Light - 100/80/2 200 LPC

White Dough Bowls:

  • Engrave - Blue Light - 100/200/1 200 LPC
  • Note: these are the settings that work best for me and are intended as a starting point for you. Please test your material settings before starting projects as we are not responsible for errors with your projects.

Please note that these are natural wood and there will be variances in the grain and natural imperfections making each one unique.